Applications are now closed for the API 2021 Program.

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Gender and Peacebuilding

Both conflict and peace are highly gendered phenomenon, as men and women experience and respond to social, economic, and political challenges differently. By addressing gender issues and concerns, men and women are empowered to collaboratively work towards building a gender-sensitive and peaceful society. Course participants will look at the nexus between gender, peacebuilding, and human development. Attention to gender roles, stereotypes, and how they are played out in society is necessary to understand the root of many conflicts, including those emanating from economic disparities. The module will also examine issues related to gender and economic development and how skewed development in favor of either women or men has a correlation with peace and human security. This exploration is anchored on the understanding that the needs of men and women are often overlooked during peace and armed conflict. This should be addressed if sustainable peace is to be realized and maintained.


Applications are now closed for the API 2021 Program.

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