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Non-Violence – Faith-Based, Philosophy and Practice

This course aims at the formation of participants in non-violent approaches to social change. There is a realization that, more often than not, many people think that there is no alternative for bringing about social change. By so doing, we remain blind and seek no alternative. More often, the violent means we choose ends in loss of lives, including innocent lives, as well as destruction of properties and infrastructures. Non-violence, which is lesser known but more powerful, ethically justifiable, and less costly than violence is an alternative choice for peaceful conflict resolution and for bringing about social change. The focus of this course is on disputes and strife among groups at the local, communal, state, national, regional, and international levels. Course Objectives: To create awareness on the existence of alternative to violence so as to break the spiral of violence and to create options for a more human alternative; To enable participants to become familiar with the thinking/underlying different approaches in the employment of non-violent actions; To develop such skills as peacemaking, and nonviolent strategies and methods for achieving social change; To develop a willingness to take action for peace and justice.

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