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Peace Clubs – Theory and Practice

Mondays and Thursdays, 10:00 – 12:00 CAT

They also need help to develop skills that allow them to non-violently address and prevent conflicts in schools, homes and communities. This module discusses how students as peacebuilders can learn how to be critical and creative thinkers in dealing with conflicts.  The module will provide skills of peacebuilding, non-violence, gender, and conflict transformation to address a wide range of conflicts and violence in various settings. The Module will also focus on running peace clubs in schools and in local communities, building on experiences from Zambia, South Africa, Kenya and Burundi among others. Participants will also be equipped with tools of monitoring and reporting in the context of school peace clubs.

Peace Clubs – Theory and Practice

Course Facilitator

Issa Sadi Ebombolo | Africa Peacebuilding Institute

Issa Ebombolo

Issa Sadi Ebombolo currently serves as Mennonite Central Committee Zambia and Malawi peacebuilding coordinator.

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