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Reflective Peace Practices (RPP)

There are many people and organizations working in the field of peacebuilding. Are these efforts bringing about the desired change or are we too busy doing good without changing anything? How do we know that our efforts are contributing to a desired change? RPP provides the framework for conceptualizing proactive peace plans through conflict analysis, drafting SMART goals, framing key conflict drivers/factors, and identifying practical actions that will address the key conflict factors. In short, RPP consists of the choices we make in programming and how to design this program. It was first organized by the Collaborative for Development Action (CDA; now called CDA Collaborative Learning Projects) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA in collaboration with practitioners from around the world. RPP is a great tool for peace practitioners, managers and those who are interested in impacting the socio-political landscape of their society. Through RPP, participants will also explore program monitoring and evaluation.

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