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Trauma Awareness and Reconciliation

8 - 12 August 2022

This module is designed to provide participants with greater awareness of trauma and resilience in relation to participants’ contexts. Participants will explore the physiological and psychological effects of trauma as well as the long-term effects of unhealed trauma. The module will integrate various tools and skills for responding to traumatic events and building resilience, as well as drawing knowledge from participants’ experiences. Be prepared to be vulnerable, and to participate in exercises that will broaden your understanding and provide skills that can assist with personal and community healing. This is an academic module but will allow opportunities for participants to share their personal trauma and discover ways of healing.


Course Facilitator

Marion Ndeta Wasia

Marion is a Humanitarian Communicator with a passion for social justice and advocacy. Marion is currently serving as the Program Coordinator for the Great Lakes Initiative (GLI), a Christian peacebuilding movement. She has served on the GLI board for three years and currently doing her 2nd term. She holds a degree in Communication and Public […]

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