Trauma Awareness, Healing and Reconciliation

This module is designed to provide participants with greater awareness of trauma and resilience as it relates to the individual and to communities. Participants will explore the physiological and psychological effects of trauma as well as the long-term effects of unhealed trauma. The module will integrate various tools and skills for responding to traumatic events and building resilience. Be prepared to participate in exercises that will broaden your understanding and provide skills that can assist with personal and community healing. This is an academic module, not a group counseling session, but will have opportunities for participants to share their personal trauma and discover ways of healing.

Trauma Awareness, Healing and Reconciliation

Course Facilitator

Rev. Dr. Ray Motsi | Africa Peacebuilding Institute

Rev. Dr. Ray Motsi

Rev. Dr. Ray Motsi is passionate about peace and conflict transformation. He is an ordained Baptist minister and was the senior pastor of Bulawayo Baptist Church

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