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Ann Rita K. Njageh, Ph.D.

Ann Rita K. Njageh, PhD (Research and Evaluation), MEd (Research and Evaluation), BEd (Arts), Certificate in Peace Research

Dr. Rita Njageh’s signature themes are Learner, Deliberative, Discipline, Relator and Achiever. Rita loves to learn and to help other people learn often simplifying complex concepts for them. Her ability to work with learners from diverse backgrounds in a mixed group, to help adult learners take in much within a short period of time and move them to apply what they have learnt is typical of her executor strength. Dr. Njageh has close to two decades expertise in the university education sector. Evaluated by her peers and students as ‘a transformative educator who does not settle for less’, Rita gives her all towards the empowerment of people requiring her expertise. As a trainer, she conducts trainings for multicultural groups at national and international levels.

Dr. Njageh holds a Doctorate in Educational Research and Evaluation, Masters in the same field and a Bachelor’s degree in Education (Arts), all from The Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA), Kenya. Trained in Peace Research by the United Nations affiliated University for Peace (PEACE), Rita is a passionate peace educator and alongside her training as a Growth, Leadership and Life Coach, she advocates for transformative educational experiences for all. Rita has been a visiting scholar at St. Mary’s University Twickenham London, and a beneficiary of the 2009 UPEACE- IDRC Doctoral Research award. She believes in giving back to the community, and in this light, she is a member of the Africa Peace Institute (API) Advisory Committee, and a Board Member of a number of educational institutions in Kenya.

Dr. Njageh is a published author and a passionate mentor of students, both young and old. Rita enjoys reading and organising. She often spends time creating opportunities that bring out the best in others.


Dr. Njageh Ann Rita


Project Monitoring and Evaluation (PME)

This module will equip participants with the basic knowledge and skills to use in monitoring and evaluating peace work initiatives in their own organizations and contexts.

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