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David Otim

David Otim has more than 15 years’ practical experience in peacebuilding, research & analysis, mentoring individuals and institutions, working with civil society, and project management, in Uganda, South Sudan, Burundi, Zambia, Nigeria and other countries. David is a trainer and facilitator in Reflecting on Peace Practice (RPP), Conflict Sensitivity, Conflict Resolution, Peacebuilding, and Do No Harm (DNH) frameworks. David has conducted community-based research, and is a coach on programme strategy designs. David previously served with Mennonite Central Committee in Uganda for five years, during which he was a pioneer member of MCC’s East African Peace Network. He also was a pioneer team member in the design and piloting of the Great Lakes Initiative (GLI).

The last six years, David has worked in South Sudan with USAID Peacebuilding program as Senior Technical Adviser, and with Saferworld, working to integrate the understanding and practice of conflict sensitivity into programmes, and mentoring donor institutions, UN agencies, International and National Organisations. David holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication skills (major) from Makerere University-Uganda, and a Master’s Degree in Peace & Reconciliation Studies from Coventry University, England. David deploys a transformative approach to training/facilitation, where he creates a safe space for everyone, and he attempts to influence participants’ own attitudes and worldview first, before they can attempt to influence others.

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Reflecting on Peace Practice

Reflective Peace Practices (RPP) is a course that focuses on evaluating and enhancing peacebuilding efforts. The course examines the effectiveness of current peacebuilding programs and identifies ways to improve them. Participants will analyze conflict situations, develop SMART goals, and identify key conflict factors. Through RPP, participants will learn to design and implement proactive peace plans […]

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