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Elder Amb. Mrs. Justina Mike Ngwobia

Elder Amb. Justina Mike Ngwobia is a peacebuilding practitioner and the Executive Director of Justice, Peace and Reconciliation Movement (JPRM) in Nigeria. She is the founder and co-chair of Women Peace Builders Network in Nigeria (WOPENN), as well as the co-chair of Women Peace Mentors and Mediators Forum (WPMMF), an initiative of UN Women Mentors in Nigeria. Justina is a facilitator of Inter-Religious and Intercultural Dialogue and has facilitated many programs with UN Women, Nigeria and other peacebuilding organizations. She builds the capacity of women and mentors them in gender and peace building, conflict monitoring, management and transformation, mediation skills and dialogue, among others. Justina is currently a PhD researcher in Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Jos, Nigeria with a particular interest and focus on Women’s Peace and Security. She is also a religious leader and is ordained as a Ruling Elder of the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria.



Gender and Peacebuilding

The Gender and Peacebuilding course is designed to address the crucial role of gender in both conflict and peace. Participants will explore the relationship between gender, peacebuilding, and human development, and the impact of gender roles and stereotypes on peace and security. By analyzing case studies and best practices, participants will gain an understanding of […]

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