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Marion Ndeta Wasia

Marion is a Humanitarian Communicator with a passion for social justice and advocacy. Marion is currently serving as the Program Coordinator for the Great Lakes Initiative (GLI), a Christian peacebuilding movement. She has served on the GLI board for three years and currently doing her 2nd term. She holds a degree in Communication and Public Relations. Marion is a certified facilitator of Trauma Healing (Healing Wounds of the Heart) by the Trauma Healing Institute under the American Bible Society. She spends part of her time helping groups and communities find healing from their wounds of the heart. Her life’s mission is to amplify the voices of the trampled upon so that all can live dignified and transformed lives. She is based in her home country Kenya, living in Nairobi with her husband and their two children.



Trauma Awareness and Reconciliation

This module is designed to provide participants with greater awareness of trauma and resilience as it relates to the individual and to communities.

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