Apply Today for the API 2024 Annual Training

Deadline is 10 May, 2024

Annual Training

“The annual training offers a variety of foundational, theory-based courses and more advanced, practice-based courses to the participants. Courses are grouped into 2 tracks: Peacebuilding Track and Community Development Track. Courses are held every day for 5 days (Monday to Friday). All courses are led by experienced facilitators with a wide range of peacebuilding skills and who apply participatory, interactive, and creative training methods to encourage meaningful learning environments.

“Annual Training 2022 - Updates

The API 2022 Annual Training will be held online due to on-going Covid-19 limitations. Participants should have access to a good internet connection and a mobile device (computer is recommended, or cell phone) with a camera and microphone. Orientation to the online tools will be offered prior to the training. It is strongly recommended (but not required) for all participants to attend this orientation.

Scholarships are available but limited. They will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Courses are grouped into tracks: Peacebuilding Track and Community Development Track. Applicants may register for all the courses in one track (this is recommended) or choose courses in both tracks.
All courses will be conducted in English; limited translation may be provided depending on the need and available resources.”


Annual Training begins 1 August 2022

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